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Barrowby Herefords

The Breed

The Hereford breed was established over two and a half centuries ago in the English County from which it has gained its name. It has become one of the best known cattle breeds across the world. Herefords are the breed of choice in all the major beef production countries north and south of the equator.

First introduced into Ireland in 1775, the Hereford was recognised as an animal with the temperament, quality and performance to suit both Irish farming conditions and tastes.

The Beef

Herefords are in high demand for its beef of high eating quality.

The marbling ability of the breed together with the texture and tenderness of Hereford beef have combined with the animals inherent docility to ensure a superior quality eating experience every time.

Barrowby Connemaras carry the highly accredited Red Tractor Farm Assurance for their Beef.

Hereford Stores often for sale and bought.

Call Tom to enquire 07711542025

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